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PURO Sanding Discs 150mm 119 Holes

PURO Sanding Discs 150mm 119 Holes

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Full Ceramic Sanding Discs with Multiply Vacuum Holes
• Premium Ceramic coated abrasives
• Tear-resistant Velcro discs for all 150mm random orbital sanders
• Higher efficient sanding performance
Multi-hole pattern for all sanders
• Better dust extraction for dust-free sanding
Hook-and-loop system, easy to changeout
• More durable and 30% longer service life
• Full range of coarseness: P40-P800 grits
• Highly recommended for autobody use, wood sanding, sanding of bare metal, primer, primer surfacer between coats of paint and on solid surface countertops.


PURO Ceramic Abrasive Discs for Car Preparation
Model: F737 Multi-holes
Size: 150mm (6")
Type: Hook-and-loop
Grain: Ceramic Minerals
Perforation: Multi-hole Pattern for dust extraction
Color: Premium Purple
Fastening: Velcro for random orbital sanders
Grits: 40/80/120/150/180/220/320/400/800
Quantity Per Box: 50 pieces


Quantity: 50 pieces per single grit
Box Size: 155x155x45mm
Net Weight: 0.35kg
Gross Weight: 0.55kg

EAN Numbers of 150mm PURO Sanding Discs Multi-hole:
EAN: 6737150500015 (Grit: P40)
EAN: 6737150500022 (Grit: P80)
EAN: 6737150500039 (Grit: P120)
EAN: 6737150500046 (Grit: P150)
EAN: 6737150500053 (Grit: P180)
EAN: 6737150500060 (Grit: P220)
EAN: 6737150500077 (Grit: P320)
EAN: 6737150500084 (Grit: P400)
EAN: 6737150500091 (Grit: P800)


P40 For removing thick layers of rust and lacquer.
P60 For pre-treating unprocessed surfaces.
P80 For correcting heavy areas of unevenness.
P120 For roughening before priming or pickling.
P180 For initial sanding after priming.
P220 For initial wet sanding after priming.
P320 For initial wet sanding after priming.
P400 For smoothing filled surfaces.
P600 For fine sanding before painting.
P800 For fine sanding before painting.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Harald B.
Hat bei der Lackierung meines Lastwagens sehr gut funktioniert

Ich bin wirklich kein Karosseriewerkstatt-Typ. Mein Sohn und ich haben die Arbeit an seinem LKW und verwendet diese Schleifscheiben und sie funktionierten gut.

peter m.

Just as good as 3m products

Sandra Ellrich
Must buy

Fastest, longest lasting discs I have ever used. The results are amazing! I’m replacing my entire remaining stock of sanding discs with these.

Alex Pirtle
Best sand paper ever.

They do remove more material at a smoother rate and dust collection is phenomenal!!!!

Buß Thomas
Great Sandpaper

The hole design makes it easy to change sand pads. They seem to last and do a great job.