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Welcome to FastPlus Abrasives! We are a rapidly growing brand that delivers top-quality sanding, polishing, and non-paint products and accessories for car refinishing, wood, and metal. Are you looking to buy factory-direct products online? You've come to the right place.


FastPlus® Delivers Factory-Direct Sanding and Polishing Solutions for Car Refinish

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About FastPlus®

FastPlus Abrasives is a trademark of Herzallee GmbH. It is dedicated to offering high-performance sanding and polishing for automotive to end users online at factory-direct prices, including sanding discs, fine finishing discs, sanding sheets, polishing discs, mesh sanding discs, and other sandpapers for car, metal, wood, plastic, and other materials.

About Us
fastplus Schleifmittel und Schleifpapiere für die Autoreparaturlackierung fastplus abrasives and sanding papers for car refinishing


Buy an extensive range of FastPlus abrasives for automotive from preparation to finish, including sanding discs, film abrasives, net sandpaper, sanding blocks, sanding sheets, and abrasive sponges.

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fastplus Polieren für Autoklarlackkorrektur fastplus polishing for car clear coat correction


FastPlus provides a full range of fine finishing discs, spot repair discs, polishing compounds to remove deep and medium scratches, holograms on the car paint and polish the finish into high gloss.

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