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Welcome to join Fastplus affiliate program! It will be a great platform for you to earn money from the growth of Fastplus Abrasives. You are invited to make money with us.

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Fastplus aims to build an authentic community of partners who are passionate about our brand. From affiliate commission to gifting, we offer tons of perks when you’re working with us. Apply today to become part of our creator community!

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What is the Fastplus Affiliate Program?

Fastplus Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission whenever you refer a sale to Fastplus. Every time someone makes a purchase through one of your referral links, our program allows you to earn a 15% commission when someone purchases our sanding and polishing products within 60 days of clicking your referral link.

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Who is this program for?

Anyone who is willing to promote Fastplus sanding and polishing products can join this program, it only takes you part-time to share a traceable link on social media, the internet, or your connections, any purchase from your referrals can be your earnings. Spend nothing but earn big.

how does fastplus affiliate program work

How does it work?

Participating in the Fastplus Affiliate Program is easy!
First, sign up through Shopify Collabs to gain access to the unique link you will use to refer others to our car sanding and polishing products. We'll also provide you with promotional materials, such as banner ads, to help you tell others about Fastplus.
Next, simply promote Fastplus on your website and/or social media platforms. You can do this by placing banners on your website, sharing links of our products on Twitter or Facebook, or even writing a blog post reviewing our products.
As your friends, colleagues, and website visitors make purchases using your link, you'll earn a 15% commission that is delivered to you through Shopify Collabs.
You can promote our products as much as you want, and we'll consistently provide you with new promotional materials to help ensure your success.

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