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GOLD Sanding Discs Ceramic 125mm 8 Holes 50 pieces

GOLD Sanding Discs Ceramic 125mm 8 Holes 50 pieces

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Grit Options

Fastplus® 125mm hook & loop sanding discs F15 are made with premium ceramic alumina, come with different sizes, holes, grits and shapes, highly recommended for autobody use, wood sanding, sanding of bare metal, primer, primer surfacer, between coats of paint and on solid surface countertops.


125mm Hook and Loop (Velcro) Gold Sanding Discs
Model: F15
Size: 125mm (5")
Perforation: 8 holes
Color: Premium Gold
Grain: Alumina Ceramic Minerals
Fastening: Velcro for random orbital sanders
Grits: 40/60/80/120/180/240/320/400/600/800
Quantity Per Box: 50 pieces


Quantity: 50 pieces per single grit
Box Size: 130x130x60mm
Net Weight: 0.25kg
Gross Weight: 0.45kg

EAN Numbers of 125mm 8H F15 Sanding Discs:
EAN: 6151258000015 (Grit: P40)
EAN: 6151258000022 (Grit: P60)
EAN: 6151258000039 (Grit: P80)
EAN: 6151258000046 (Grit: P120)
EAN: 6151258000053 (Grit: P180)
EAN: 6151258000060 (Grit: P240)
EAN: 6151258000077 (Grit: P320)
EAN: 6151258000084 (Grit: P400)
EAN: 6151258000091 (Grit: P600)
EAN: 6151258000107 (Grit: P800)


P40 For removing thick layers of rust and lacquer.
P60 For pre-treating unprocessed surfaces.
P80 For correcting heavy areas of unevenness.
P120 For roughening before priming or pickling.
P180 For initial sanding after priming.
P240 For initial wet sanding after priming.
P400 For smoothing filled surfaces.
P600 For fine sanding before painting.
P800 For final fine sanding before painting.

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Buy Cost-effective Sanding and Abrasives for Your Projects

Sanding Your Car by Using Budget-friendly Abrasive Discs: Buy F15 125mm Gold Sanding Discs here.

• F15 • Ceramic Alumina • Velcro • 125mm/5" • 8 Holes • P40-P800 Grit • For Automotive and Wood

fastplus F15 Schleifscheiben 125mm 8 Locher verschiedene Kornungen Gold Sanding Discs 125mm 8 holes different grits

Universal-fit Sanding Discs

• Premium ceramic alumina coated abrasives
Hook-and-loop system, easy to changeover
• Universal 8-hole pattern for all sanders
Durable and long service life
• Full range of coarseness: 40-800 grits
Cost-effective abrasive paper discs

fastplus F15 Schleifscheiben 125 mm passend für verschiedene Exzenterschleifer fastplus Sanding Discs 125 mm suitable for different random orbital sanders

Versatile Sanding

• Fit for all orbital sanders
• Suitable for coarse-to-fine sanding purposes
• Suitable for sanding almost all materials
• Wildly used in car repairing, woodworking and etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Frank Brinkmann
Funktioniert gut

Ich habe mehrere Scheiben aus dieser Box verwendet, und alle sind am Exzenterschleifer haften geblieben. Das Schleifpapier funktioniert erstaunlich gut und das Schleifmaterial hält sehr lange. Ich habe in der Vergangenheit versucht, andere Scheiben zu verwenden, die nicht an der Schleifmaschine haften blieben, aber diese sind perfekt.

Jack Wood
Amazing !!!

This is by far the best sanding disc I've ever used, after I've finished sanding a project it still looks as good as new.

Florent Anne

Very nice, surprise with this pack of 50 p40 (grit size) discs. I used them to roughen some wooden furniture and doors for a first pass with a coarse grit and it was perfect. They seem to last even with heavy use, compared with the old discs that I had to throw away after 5 minutes of use. I'm completely satisfied.

Sehr gut

Ich habe zum ersten Mal dieses Schleifpapier ausprobiert und…total begeistert! Nur mit einem Blatt habe ich eine Holztür nach dem Abbeizen von beiden Seiten abgeschliffen. Zum Schluss ist das Schleifpapier immer noch im guten Zustand.

Craig M.

These sanding discs come with a wide selection of grit coarseness and are of decent quality, they don’t clog easily so they should last a while before changing.
They fitted my 125mm sander perfectly with the hook and loop having a secure grip.