Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These FAQ lists are to provide quick information to questions about order and shipping issues, Fastplus sanding and abrasives, polishing products, sanders, polishers for cars and relevant accessories for car sanding and polishing, if you can't find answers from these FAQs, please contact Fastplus for further inquiry.

Order Issues


Do you ship internationally and where do you ship to?

No, we don't ship internationally but cover following EU countries and regions:
- Domestic delivery: Germany
- and the following EU countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland

Learn more about shipping coverage, shipping rate and delivery time

The shipping and delivery of will cover the following EU countries and regions:

  • Domestic delivery (Germany)
  • and the following EU countries: Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland

Shipping Costs (including VAT)

Domestic deliveries (Germany):

We calculate the shipping costs at a flat rate of €6,90 per order. From an order value of €75.00, we deliver free of charge.

Deliveries abroad:

We calculate the shipping costs abroad according to location and order value as follows:

Zone 1: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands

Zone 2: Czechia, Denmark

 Zone 3: France

 Zone 4: Italy, Poland

 Zone 5: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden


The shipping costs are subject to change without prior notice and can only be determined when the items are in the shopping cart.

Delivery times

Unless a different period is specified in the respective offer, the goods are delivered domestically (Germany) within 3 - 5 business days, for deliveries abroad within 4 - 10 business days after the conclusion of the contract (if advance payment has been agreed upon, after the date of your payment instruction).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made any other agreements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you have ordered.

If there are any questions about shipping and delivery, please feel no hesitation to contact us.

How do I place my order?

Anyone from Germany or the main EU countries can place orders at Fastplus Abrasives online store, you can place the items into cart and check out after filling in consignee information and completing payment.
If you are having difficulties, please contact our customer service.

How to pay my orders?

Currently, we accept payment by PayPal only, but you can still pay by deposit card/credit card through PayPal, details from Payment Method

How to change or cancel my orders?

Please send email to immediately, our team will assist you to rectify the problem before the order is picked up by the carrier to avoid any expense incurred, please check our order cancellation policy.

Can I order as an individual?

Yes, this Fastplus store is DTC store, mainly for individual customers, since we are abrasive manufacturer, Fastplus has full ability to serve business customers with OEM/ODM requests.

How do I return the items I ordered?

Please send email to with a subjest: "Return my order", our team will help you to return the items you ordered, but please read our return policy carefully before sending the email.

How can I track my orders to Fastplus?

Tracking numbers are included in an email sent to the customer after each order is shipped. Use the provided tracking information to confirm directly with the shipper. If you need more assistance, please contact Fastplus.

About Abrasive Products

Schleifscheiben PURO Keramik 150 mm Klettverschluss Multi-Loch, 50 Stück - Lila Ceramic Sanding Discs 150mm Velcro Multi-hole, 50 pieces - Purple

How to select the grit size of sandpapers?

Depend on your task and final result , the following are some buying guide which you can refer to:

P40 For removing thick layers of rust and lacquer.
P60 For pre-treating unprocessed surfaces.
P80 For correcting heavy areas of unevenness.
P120 For roughening before priming or pickling.
P180 For initial sanding after priming.
P240 For initial wet sanding after priming.
P400 For smoothing filled surfaces.
P600 For fine sanding before painting.
P1000 For final fine sanding before painting.
P1200 For final fine sanding before painting.
P1500 For final fine sanding before painting.
P2000 For final fine sanding before painting.

More information about grit size of sandpaper

What are the sizes available for Fastplus sanding discs?

Fastplus sanding discs comes with 125mm and 150mm which fit almost all sanders and polishers for autobody work, the abrasive discs are made with different hole pattern, including 8 holes, 15 holes and innovative multi-hole for all brand sanders and deliver excellent dust extraction.

150mm Sanding Discs

125mm Sanding Discs

All abrasive sanding discs

What are the grains of Fastplus sanding discs?

Fastplus paper sanding discs are ceramic or ceramic alumina grains. The ceramic sanding discs are 30% faster in cutting and more durable than aluminum oxide coated. The ceramic discs can self-sharpen, minimize clogging, and have better performance in heavy-duty sanding for better heat dissipation.
- Gold F15 series sanding discs: ceramic alumina coated
- PURO sanding discs: Ceramic coated
- ROXO abrasive discs: Ceramic coated
- SOFT+ foam sanding and polishing discs: Silicon Carbide grain

Details about abrasive grains: