What are sanding rolls?

The sanding rolls are coated sandpaper that is made into rolls, the rolls can be cut or torn into sandpaper sheets to be used with longboards, rectangular sanders and handheld sanding blocks, Fastplus offers two types of sanding rolls:

Sanding Sheet Rolls

Fastplus sanding sheet rolls are ceramic sandpapers that are made into sheet rolls, the roll can be torn into sheets along the kiss-cut line. The abrasive sandpaper sheet rolls are perforated into Chevron multi-hole pattern for dust extraction. The abrasive sheets are hook-and-loop backed for attachment to pads or sanders easily which can be used with orbital sanders and handheld tools.

• Ceramic Minerals - Durable and Long Lasting
• Hook-and-loop - easy to install and remove
• Chevron multi-holes for excellent dust extraction
• Kiss-cut for sizing easily
• Anti-clogging
• Various grits for different tasks

Applications: The abrasive sheet roll is highly recommended for autobody use, wood sanding, sanding of bare metal, primer, and primer surfacer between coats of paint and on solid surface countertops.

PSA Sandpaper Rolls

Fastplus PSA Sandpaper Roll is featured as a high-performance sandpaper roll for longboard with a PSA pressure-sensitive adhesive backing and an easy-to-peel-off backing liner to protect the adhesive backing. The convenient continuous roll allows you to trim the sandpaper to any length you require.

  • Various Grits for Different Tasks: PSA sanding roll is available from 60 to 320 grit, which allows sanding from heavy-duty to fine finishing.
  • Durable Ceramic Alumina Grain delivers a fast, extra-long sanding for increased productivity.
  • High-strength resin bonding provides superior grain support for longer work and higher wear resistance.
  • Maximum resistance to clogging and loading from a special stearate coating.
  • The uniform semi-open coat design delivers even and consistent sanding results.
  • Peel and Seal support for easy to install and removal.

Versatile Applications: The PSA abrasive roll is ideal for use in auto body and paint shops for shaping body filler, removing paint, rough feather edging primer, and metal sanding. It's also excellent to use for woodworking, metalworking, fiberglass, plastics, or any other surface that needs sanding.

Foam Sanding Pad Rolls

Fastplus Flex-ultra Soft Foam Sanding Pad Roll FSR6 is a foam-backing gold sandpaper roll that is perforated and torn into pads easily, these hand pads are very flexible and soft to ensure the very gentle and even use of sanding power, which prevents unwanted sanding-through and helps the user achieve a perfect surface with minimal scratch depth. The foam sanding pads are frequently used to sand tight curves and hard-to-reach places by hand in the automotive sector.

Main features of FSR6 Flex-ultra Soft Foam Sanding Pad Roll:

  • Ultra flexible and soft 5mm foam backing
  • Alumina ceramic sandpaper for 30% faster and more durable sanding
  • Perforated into 115x125mm pads for tear-off easily
  • Wrapped into a 25-meter roll which is easy to fetch and use
  • Easily trimmed into any length and adapted to round, concave or convex shapes
  • Ultra-flexible to sand tight curves and hard-to-reach places
  • The foam side can be used to remove sanding dust
  • Waterproof and suitable for wet & dry sanding

Flexible in Applications: FSR6 Foam-backed sanding roll is ideal for fine sanding on round edges, contours, and curves providing an outstanding finish on primers and top coats. Ideal for eliminating scuffs, scratches, and finger marks when sanding difficult and water-based paints.