Collection: 150mm Sanding Discs

FastPlus sanding discs in this collection come with diameters of 150mm and various vacuuming holes including multi-hole and 15 holes which can fit all 150mm orbital sanders from Bosch, Mirka, Makita, Festool, and work excellently in dust extraction with a vacuuming system.

FlexPro Fine Finishing Discs 150mm

These are fine finishing foam discs that provide a smooth, flawless finish on a variety of surfaces. They are perfect for those final touches on your project, ensuring a professional look and feel.

CeraMesh Ceramic Net Sanding Discs 150mm

These net sanding discs are designed with a unique mesh structure that allows for optimal dust extraction, resulting in a cleaner work environment. The ceramic grains offer superior cutting performance on hard materials.

PuroFilm Film Ceramic Sanding Discs 150mm

These film sanding discs are made with a durable film backing that resists tearing and edge wear, providing a longer lifespan compared to traditional paper-backed discs. They are ideal for precision work on flat and contoured surfaces.

PURO and ROXO Multihole Ceramic Sanding Discs 150mm

These ceramic sanding discs feature multiple holes for efficient dust extraction, reducing clogging and extending disc life. They offer an aggressive cut and long life on hard materials.

GOLD Ceramic Sanding Discs 150mm

These hook and loop sanding discs feature a strong ceramic grain that provides a fast cut and a consistent finish on both hard and soft materials.

How To Choose The Right Grit For Sanding Tasks

Choosing the right grit size depends on your specific task.
Coarse sandpaper (40- to 60-grit) is used for heavy sanding and stripping.
Medium grit (80- to 120-grit) is suitable for smoothing surfaces and removing small imperfections.
Superfine sandpaper (360- to 600-grit) is used for finishing surfaces smoothly.

Materials can be used on:

• Lacquers
• Auto body Fillers
• Metals
• Non-ferrous Metal
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Steel
• Paint
• Plastic
• Composite
• Wood
• stones

Tasks can be used for:

• Blending
• Light deburring
• Cleaning
• Removing rust
• Sanding lacquered wood
• Scuffing
• Paint removal
• Final preparation


Each of our 150mm sanding discs is easy to attach and remove from your sander, thanks to their hook and loop backing. Whether you're working on wood, metal, or plastic, our collection has the perfect disc for your project.

In conclusion, our collection of 150mm sanding discs offers a comprehensive solution for all your sanding needs. With our range of products, you can achieve the perfect finish every time. Happy sanding!