Fastplus™ Foam Film Discs for Sanding and Polishing

Fastplus™ Foam Film Sanding Disc FF12 is an innovative integration of a flexible film sanding disc and soft foam backing pad, the foam disc delivers super soft and flexible sanding, polishing, and buffing results for fine finishing.
FF12 foam film disc is coated with premium silicon carbide grain and attached to a foam structure that works excellently on curved and contoured surfaces and wet/dry sanding applications. The superfine foam disc can be used to sand and polish treated surfaces simultaneously, greatly reducing time and polishing compounds.
The foam film sanding disc comes with 181 perforated vacuum holes for dust collection which is compatible with all orbital sanders and backing pads and reduces dust from dry sanding or polishing.

Why Foam Film Discs for Sanding & Polishing

  • Super soft sanding and polishing with even pressure
  • Provide Consistent scratch depth and pattern with a better finish
  • No damage or over-sanding to treated surfaces
  • Super flexible for sanding and polishing on contour or curved surfaces
  • Comfortable while sanding and polishing
  • Reduce the time on compound polishing
  • Washable and reusable for wet or dry sanding

Applications of FF12 Foam Sanding Discs

  • Before painting - final sanding of filler, producing a matte finish, blending base and clear coat
  • After painting - removing dust inclusions, removing paint runs, removing orange peel effect
  • Varnish - fixing errors on high gloss surfaces
  • Curved Parts - buffing up curved surfaces
  • Solid Surfaces - polishing mineral and solid surfaces