FastPlus® Fine Finishing Foam Discs

FF19 Flexpro fine finishing foam disc is an essential tool for removing sanding scratches on the clear coat and painted surface before applying rubbing compound, the clearcoat foam disc helps to reduce time spent on compounding. Achieve unparalleled results with Flexpro finishing foam discs which are known for rapid cutting and consistent finishing due to the precisely shaped and patterned 3D pyramid mineral structures. FF19 trizact foam discs are ideal for fine finishing and car detailing.

Why Flexpro Foam Finishing Discs?

  • 3D pyramid abrasive structure
  • Fast cutting and uniform finish
  • Durable Silicon Carbide, ideal for polishing
  • Flexible foam to distribute pressure evenly
  • Hook-and-loop system, easy to change out
  • Soft and comfortable while sanding and polishing
  • Reduce time on compound polishing
  • Ideal for wet/dry car sanding, polishing, finishing

Applications of Fastplus® Foam Finishing Discs

  • Before painting - final sanding of filler, producing a matte finish, blending base and clear coat
  • After painting - removing dust inclusions, removing paint runs, removing orange peel effect
  • Varnish - fixing errors on high gloss surfaces
  • Curved Parts - buffing up curved surfaces
  • Solid Surfaces - polishing mineral and solid surfaces
75mm FLEXPRO fine finishing foam discs trizact 3000 for clearcoat scratches sanding Schaumstoff feinschleifscheiben Disques de finition fine

FlexPro Fine Finishing Discs

Model: FF19 FlexPro Fine Finishing Foam Discs
Size: 75mm/150mm + 3mm foam pad
Grain: Silicon Carbide Minerals
Construction: Precisely-shaped pyramids Distributed evenly on foam
Backing: Flexible Foam
Perforation: No Hole, Ideal for Wet Sanding
Fastening: Hook-and-loop for sanders and hand tools
Grit Options:P2000, P2500, P3000, P5000

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FastPlus® PuroFilm Ceramic Film Sanding Disc 150mm

FastPlus velcro PuroFilm sanding discs are PET film based and made of premium Ceramic minerals, which are sharper to speed up the sanding and more durable to reduce frequent changeovers, delivering a super-high removal rate and 30% longer service life. The finer mineral grains and anti-clogging stearate coating provide better flexibility, crease & tear resistance, and consistent surface finish than conventional abrasives.
Film abrasive is excellent for finishing primers, composite materials, wood, wood coatings, scratch-resistant clear coats, blend preparation of clears, removal of orange peel, denibbing paint, and much more.

  • This sanding disc with ceramic grain re-sharpens itself while sanding and is highly durable regardless of the sanding pressure.
  • The film-backed sanding discs are of strong tear-resistance and waterproof which are suitable for heavy-duty and wet sanding.
  • FT77 film abrasive discs are built with stearate coating which reduces dust formation and minimizes clogging during sanding.
  • This versatile sanding disc is perfect for all sanding steps in the painting process. Get your hands on FT77 and make your painting needs a breeze!
Folienschleifscheiben PuroFilm 150mm Keramik Klett-scheiben 15 Loch 50 Stück Film Sanding Disc PURO 150mm Ceramic Velcro 15 Holes 50 pieces

PuroFilm Sanding Discs

Model: FT77 PuroFilm series
Size: 150mm (6")
Type: Hook-and-loop
Backing: PET Film
Grain: Ceramic Minerals
Perforation: 15 holes
Fastening: Velcro for orbital sanders and polishers
Grits: P180/320/600/800/1000/1200/1500/2000

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FastPlus® Spotfix Clearcoat Micro Discs

FastPlus Spotfix Micro Film Disc is ideal for spot repair which is used to correct small paint defects, polish small areas with extreme precision, and remove dust particles on glazes and clear coat.
FD8 spot repair daisy discs are backed with PET film that is durable for heavy-duty polishing and suitable for wet sanding. The Spotfix film discs are PSA-backed with sticky pressure-sensitive adhesive, allowing fast change-outs for easy use. FD8 Spot repair discs are made of premium silicon carbide grain and come with grit options: P2000, P3000, and P5000 which deliver superfine finishing results.
The 32mm Spotfix film discs are widely used at car bodyshops in the finessing- and hospital areas of the paint shops, and also used in the car or boat refinish processes.

Spot & Smart Repair, Micro Disc for Large Saving!

  • Spot repair to correct partial defects: Save time and money.
  • Silicon carbide grain: Soft superfine to prevent over-sanding.
  • Film base with high tensile strength and durability.
  • 3D coating structure to deliver fast cutting and uniform finish.
  • PSA Backing for quick change-out.
  • Special adhesive: Easy to peel without the glue residue.
  • Waterproof for wet sanding and polishing.
  • Ideal for clear coat polishing, car detailing, paint correction
SPOTFIX Spot Repair Film Gänseblümchenscheiben 32mm PSA von fastplus - SPOTFIX spot repair film daisy discs 32mm PSA by fastplus P2000 P3000 P5000 Spotfix Minidisques abrasifs

32mm SpotFix Film Discs

Model: FD8 PSA Daisy Discs
Size: 32mm (1-1/4")
Grain: Silicon Carbide Minerals
Backing: PSA + PET Film
Perforation: No Hole, wet or dry finishing
Speed: Max.10,000 RPM
Grit: P2000/P3000/P5000

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