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75mm Flexpro Fine Finishing Foam Discs FF19 Velcro 15 pieces

75mm Flexpro Fine Finishing Foam Discs FF19 Velcro 15 pieces

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Wet/Dry Clearcoat Sanding, Save Your Paint Work.
• 3D pyramid abrasive structure
• Fast cutting, uniform finish, no over-sanding
• Durable Silicon Carbide, ideal for polishing
• Flexible foam to distribute pressure evenly
• Hook-and-loop system, easy to change out
• Soft and comfortable while sanding and polishing
• Reduce time on compounding and waxing
• Ideal for wet/dry car sanding, polishing, finishing 
75mm FLEXPRO trizact pyramid structure allow you to have more consistent finishes with better cut, finish, and a longer life


Model: FF19 Flexpro Fine Finishing Foam Discs
Size: 75mm (3") + 3mm foam pad
Grain: Silicon Carbide Minerals
Construction: Precisely-shaped pyramids Distributed evenly on foam
Backing: Flexible Foam
Perforation: No Hole, Ideal for Wet Sanding
Color: Grey/Blue
Fastening: Hook-and-loop for sanders and hand tools
Grit Options: P2000, P2500, P3000, P5000
Quantity Per Box: 15 pieces


Quantity: 15 pieces per box
Box Size: 85x85x60mm
Net Weight: 35g
Gross Weight: 45g

EAN Numbers of 150mm Flexpro Foam Discs:
EAN: 6190751510010 (Grit: P2000)
EAN: 6190751510027 (Grit: P2500)
EAN: 6190751510034 (Grit: P3000)
EAN: 6190751510041 (Grit: P5000)


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  • FF19 75mm Flexpro fine finishing foam disc is an essential tool for removing sanding scratches on the clear coat and painted surface before applying rubbing compound, the 75mm clearcoat foam disc helps to reduce time spent on compounding. Achieve unparalleled results with Flexpro finishing foam discs which are known for rapid cutting and consistent finishing due to the precisely-shaped and patterned 3D pyramid mineral structures. FF19 foam discs are ideal for fine finishing and car detailing.


    Before painting: Final sanding of filler, producing a matte finish, blending base and clear coat.
    After painting: Remove dust inclusions, paint runs, and orange peel.
    Varnish: Fixing errors on high gloss surfaces.
    Curved Parts: Buffing up curved surfaces.
    Solid Surfaces: Polish mineral and solid surfaces.

  • before after using FF19 flexpro fine finishing discs trizact vor und nach Schaum feinschleifscheiben

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mark Chisholm
Mark Chisholm

I needed some high-grit disks for polishing some tables i have been renovating. i like to use quality products when finishing, as the finish sells better than anything.
I have normally been finishing to 2k grit then polishing, i decided to bite the bullet and get some quality 3k grit and needed a foam backing.
The shine i am getting is amazing, i have been water spraying when i have used this disk and its near polished already on both painted and epoxy surfaces. its has made the polishing process faster and i have used allot less polishing compound.

Ralf Gröter
Top Produkt

Ideale Schleifscheiben Sehr Lange Stsndzeit auch ideal für Nasschliff

reinicke fox
Funktioniert gut

I use it on the clear coats to get them glass smooth.

Josef Binder
Work great for fine sanding

This 3000-grit disk sandpaper is perfect for wet sanding imperfections out of automotive polyurethane paints. This paper is comparably similar to other leading brands and allows me to buff out microfiber scratches easily. I recommend this sanding pad for anyone with a hook and loop attachment system on their sander.

ana morera ruiz
Works great

Excellent quality, worth the cost. Good disc life. For auto refinishing.