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Wet or Dry Sandpaper, BP37 230x280mm 10 pieces

Wet or Dry Sandpaper, BP37 230x280mm 10 pieces

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Grit Options

BP37 Sandpaper Sheets for Car, Metal, Wood & Composites
Size: 230mmx280mm / 9”x11”
Type: Wet and Dry, Waterproof
Grain: Aluminium Oxide
Backing: 30% latex-backed paper
Color: Premium Red
Fastening: Cut to fit sanders and hand tools
Grit Options: 600/800/1200
Quantity Per Box: 10 pieces

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Fastplus Abrasives

BP37 Wet Dry Sandpaper: Aluminium Oxide 230x280mm/9"x11"

Wasserfestes Schleifpapier Aluminiumoxid Wet sandpaper sheet BP37 aluminium oxide 230x280mm von fastplus Schleifmittel

Fastplus Waterproof Alumminium Oxide Sandpapers

Fastplus BP37 Wet and Dry Sandpaper Sheets are made with premium Aluminium Oxide Grains that are resin on resin bonded onto 30% latex-backed paper. The aluminium oxide sandpaper can be used for wet and dry sanding, it is more effective when used with water or a lubricant.
Fastplus Sheet Sandpapers can be cut to fit most power sanders or folded for optimum product life when hand sanding. Our abrasive sanding paper sheets work well on many types of surfaces from medium to light-duty applications.
Fastplus waterproof abrasive paper sheets are heat resistant, have exceptional grain adhesion, and thus are extremely effective in the automotive industry as well as on lacquers, paint, body fillers, glass, metal, plastics, stone, and marble.
This wet/dry sandpaper is available now in 600 grit, 800 grit, and 1200 grit.

Fastplus Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper Benefits:

  • Aluminium Oxide Grain, Long-lasting & Cost-effective
  • Quality Latex-Backed C-weight Paper
  • Waterproof, Use Wet and Dry Conditions
  • Fast cutting and very resistant to clogging
  • Grit Range Allowing for Sharp Cut to Very Fine Finish
  • Resists Heat with Great Grain Adhesion
  • Best to be used with lubricants
  • Closed coat structure for more material removal

Technical Details

Model: BP37 Wet Dry Sandpaper
Size: 230mmx280mm / 9”x11”
Type: Wet or Dry, Waterproof
Grain: Aluminium Oxide
Backing: 30% latex-backed paper
Color: Premium Red
Fastening: Cut to fit sanders, sanding blocks and hand tools
Grit Options: 600/800/1200

More grit sandpapers available here

Usage and Applications

Fastplus abrasive sandpaper sheets are ideal for hand sanding both wet and dry. Available in many grits and cut to fit various hand tools, the many varieties of abrasives and treatments provide user versatility for general-purpose sanding of many materials:

  • Body Fillers
  • Paint
  • Lacquers
  • Metal
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Composite
  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • PVC

Packing Details

Quantity: 10 Sheets
Box Size: 232x282x5mm
Net Weight: 100g
Gross Weight: 165g

EAN Numbers of BP37 Sandpaper Sheet 230x280mm:
EAN: 6372328100019 (Grit: P600 x 10PCS)
EAN: 6372328100026 (Grit: P800 x 10PCS)
EAN: 6372328100033 (Grit: P1200 x 10PCS)

How to Choose Right Grit

P80 For correcting heavy areas of unevenness.
P120 For roughening before priming or pickling.
P180 For initial sanding after priming.
P220 For initial wet sanding after priming.
P400 For smoothing filled surfaces.
P600 For fine sanding before painting. 
P800 For fine sanding before painting.
P1200 For final fine sanding before painting.
P1500 For final fine sanding before painting.
P2000 For final fine sanding before painting.

Fastplus BP37 Sandpaper Aluminium Oxide 230x280mm

• BP37 • Aluminium Oxide • 30% Latex-backed Paper • 230x280mm/9x11" • P600-1200 Coarseness

Wasserfestes Schleifpapier BP37 Aluminiumoxid Wet sandpaper sheet-aluminium oxide 230x280mm von fastplus Schleifmittel

Wet & Dry Sandpaper Sheets

  • Premium Aluminium Oxide abrasives, high cutting power
  • Higher efficient cutting and sanding performance
  • 30% Latex-backed Paper for flexible wet sanding
  • Cut to fit various sanders and hand tools
  • More durable and longer service life
  • Super-fine: 600-1200 grits for different tasks
  • Ideal for wet sanding of car refinish
BP37 Wasserfestes Schleifpapier Blatter zum Nass Schleifen Wet-Dry Sandpaper Sheets for wet sanding von fastplus Schleifmittel

Versatile for Wet or Dry Sanding

  • Waterproof for wet or dry sandings
  • Cut to fit all sanders or hand tools
  • Suitable for coarse-to-fine sanding purposes
  • Suitable for sanding almost all materials
  • Wildly used in car repair, woodworking, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pamela Hoffmann
Great sandpaper

Not bad sandpaper, lasts as long as any other over the counter paper. Easy to cut as well.

Hubert Muhr
Exactly as described

This is a good quality sandpaper. Worked perfectly for sanding between coats of paint on my cabinets.

Deniz Yur

Ich musste einige Bereiche des Autos abschleifen, um es neu zu lackieren. Das Schleifpapier ist von guter Qualität und funktioniert gut mit Autos und Nassschleifen.

Funktioniert gut

Ich habe dies zum Abschleifen meines Klarlacks nach der Lackierung meines Autos verwendet. Hat sehr gut funktioniert und der Preis war besser als der, den ich im örtlichen Geschäft bekommen konnte.

Michael Buschfeld

Funktioniert wirklich gut.
Ich verwende es mit Wasser und es hält eine gute Zeit, bevor es sich auflöst und unbrauchbar wird.