Collection: CeraMesh Net Sanding Discs

Introducing our premium collection of CeraMesh net sanding discs. This collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of surface finishing.

Net Sanding Discs

Our net sanding discs have a unique net structure that allows for optimal dust extraction, creating a virtually dust-free sanding experience. This not only ensures a cleaner working environment but also extends the lifespan of the disc, providing you with more value for your investment.

CeraMesh Net Sanding Disc

The CeraMesh net sanding disc, a standout product in our collection, is engineered with high-performance ceramic grains that offer superior cutting efficiency. Its open mesh structure reduces clogging and heat build-up, ensuring smoother operation and longer disc life.

Net/Mesh Sandpaper for Wood and Metal

We also offer specialized net sandpaper for wood and mesh sandpaper for metal. Our wood sandpaper features a flexible backing and a special coating to prevent clogging, making it ideal for sanding wooden surfaces. On the other hand, our metal sandpaper is made with durable grains that can withstand the rigors of metal sanding, providing a consistent finish every time.

Mesh Sanding Discs for Orbital Sanders

Our mesh sanding discs for orbital sanders are designed to fit most standard orbital sanders. They offer excellent dust extraction capabilities and are perfect for various applications, from removing paint and varnish to smoothing out wood and metal surfaces.

Ceramic Sanding Screen

Lastly, our ceramic sanding screen is a versatile product that can be used on both wood and metal. Its open mesh design allows for maximum dust extraction, while the ceramic grains provide a fast and consistent cut.


In conclusion, our CeraMesh net sanding discs collection offers a comprehensive solution for all your sanding needs. Whether you're working with wood or metal, our products deliver exceptional performance and value. Experience the difference with our dust-free, long-lasting, and efficient sanding solutions today.