Fastplus® paper sanding discs are a versatile tool for a wide range of sanding tasks. These paper sanding discs are made from ceramic or ceramic alumina abrasive, which is sharper to speed up the sanding and more durable to reduce frequent changeovers, provides a longer-lasting grade, making them ideal for sanding car paint, filler, putty, varnish wood, metal, plastic, and all other materials to remove rust and paint, clean and level welds, and prepare them for final finishing.
Fastplus® paper sanding discs are hook and loop designed for easy attachment to your tool. These hook-and-loop sanding discs come in different grits from rough to fine, including 40/60/80/120/150/180/220/240/320/400/500/600/800, allowing you to choose the right one for your specific job. Each pack includes 50 pieces per grit.
Fastplus® velcro sanding discs come with diameters of 150mm and 125mm and various vacuuming holes including multi-hole, 15 holes, and 8 holes which can fit all 150mm and 120mm orbital sanders and work excellent in dust extraction with a vacuuming system.
Fastplus® ceramic sanding discs apply a special anti-clog stearate coating which extends their durability and provides better surface finishes and sanding effect.

Ceramic Sanding Discs
PURO Sanding Discs F737 150mm Multi-holes
ROXO Sanding Discs FA88 150mm Multi-holes

Ceramic Alumina Sanding Discs
GOLD Sanding Discs F15 150mm 15 holes
GOLD Sanding Discs F15 125mm 8 holes

How To Choose The Right Grit For Sanding Tasks
Choosing the right grit size depends on your specific task.
Coarse sandpaper (40- to 60-grit) is used for heavy sanding and stripping.
Medium grit (80- to 120-grit) is suitable for smoothing surfaces and removing small imperfections.
Superfine sandpaper (360- to 600-grit) is used for finishing surfaces smoothly.

Materials can be used on:
• Lacquers
• Auto body Fillers
• Metals
• Non-ferrous Metal
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Steel
• Paint
• Plastic
• Composite
• Wood
• stones

Tasks can be used for:
• Blending
• Light deburring
• Cleaning
• Removing rust
• Sanding lacquered wood
• Scuffing
• Paint removal
• Final preparation