Flexpro Fine Finishing Foam Discs

FF19 Flexpro fine finishing foam disc is an essential tool for removing sanding scratches on the clear coat and painted surface before applying rubbing compound, the clearcoat foam disc helps to reduce time spent on compounding. Achieve unparalleled results with Flexpro finishing foam discs which are known for rapid cutting and consistent finishing due to the precisely shaped and patterned 3D pyramid mineral structures. FF19 trizact foam discs are ideal for fine finishing and car detailing.

Why Flexpro Foam Finishing Discs?

  • 3D pyramid abrasive structure
  • Fast cutting and uniform finish
  • Durable Silicon Carbide, ideal for polishing
  • Flexible foam to distribute pressure evenly
  • Hook-and-loop system, easy to change out
  • Soft and comfortable while sanding and polishing
  • Reduce time on compound polishing
  • Ideal for wet/dry car sanding, polishing, finishing

Applications of Fastplus® Finishing Foam Discs

  • Flexpro Fine Finishing abrasive discs are used for a full range of paint finishing jobs such as leveling dust nibs, clear coat spot repairs, orange peel texture matching, and scuff sanding blend panels.
  • The 75mm and 150mm Trizact foam discs are also used for removing fine-grade sand scratches prior to paint blending, compounding, and polishing.
  • Flexpro Trizact 3000 grit foam discs are used for removing 2000-2500 grit sand scratches.
  • Flexpro Trizact 5000 grit foam discs are used for removing 3000-grit sand scratches.
  • Before painting - final filler sanding, producing a matte finish, blending base and clear coat.
  • After painting - removing dust inclusions, removing paint runs, removing orange peel effect.
  • Varnish - fixing errors on high gloss surfaces.
  • Curved Parts - buffing up curved surfaces.
  • Solid Surfaces - polishing mineral and solid surfaces.